1. Recurring post-snowden meme: bunch of guys put up a shiny vaporware site claiming to fix everything if you subscribe to their mailing list.

    “Protect your privacy by giving us your email address!”

    How about instead you actually build something post news about the stuff you’re building on the web, where I can browse it over Tor without giving you (or more likely a third party) a bunch of information about myself.

  2. Aral Balkan: RT @DavidGrann: 4 yrs ago, Snowden said leakers shld be ‘shot’ http://t.co/nppnSEJ1Zs OMG! He evolved his opinion based on new info? Evil!

    Aral Balkan heh, that in itself is a good (if diluted) example of how surveillance and record keeping can be used against people