1. Andy Hume: Goodness. My SXSW ramblings voted in the top twenty web conference talks of 2012 in @netmag. Suddenly everybody likes that one. Chuffed.

    Andy Hume I wasn’t there, but listening to the huffduff and looked through the slides was enough to change the way I wrote

  2. Brennan Novak: @BarnabyWalters oddly, I can see the "feed" at http://t.co/WgT3df6Q just not the unique Note URL

    Brennan Novak thanks for the heads up, I hadn’t realised the bug was happening on notes as well. Not sure what caused it, might have been an upgrade to some security code I use

  3. I just fixed a bug which prevented non-authenticated users from reading my articles. Sorry about that, should all work again now!