Aaron Parecki Stream a USB webcam to HDMI on a Raspberry Pi 2022-01-29T13:53:21-08:00 2022-01-29T13:53:21-08:00
This post exists to collect my notes on displaying a USB webcam on the Raspberry Pi HDMI outputs. This is not the same as streaming the webcam (easy), and this is not for use with the Raspberry Pi camera module. This is specifically for USB UVC webcams. How to Green Screen on the YoloBox Pro 2022-01-17T07:55:57-08:00 2022-01-17T07:55:57-08:00
This step-by-step guide will show you how to use the chroma key feature on the YoloBox Pro to green screen yourself onto picture backgrounds and videos, or even add external graphics from a computer. How to convert USB webcams to HDMI 2022-01-11T09:33:24-08:00 2022-01-11T09:33:24-08:00
There are a handful of interesting USB webcams out there, which naturally work great with a computer. But what if you want to combine video from a USB webcam with your HDMI cameras in a video switcher like the ATEM Mini? How to export your complete Foursquare checkin history 2021-07-03T11:14:48-07:00 2021-07-03T11:14:48-07:00
Today I finished up a tool that you can use to export your complete history from Foursquare and publish the checkins to your website! How to Sign Users In with IndieAuth 2021-04-13T21:15:45-07:00 2021-04-13T21:15:45-07:00
This post will show you step by step how you can let people log in to your website with their own IndieAuth website so you don't need to worry about user accounts or passwords. The Perfect Remote Control ATEM Mini Interview Kit 2021-01-16T16:55:50-08:00 2021-01-16T16:55:50-08:00
This tutorial will walk you through setting up an ATEM Mini Pro kit you can ship to a remote location and then control from your studio. You can use this to ship a remote interview kit to someone where all they have to do is plug in a few connections and you'll be able to control everything remotely! 3D Printed Modular Cage for Blackmagic Bidirectional SD… 2021-01-08T18:05:33-08:00 2021-01-08T18:05:33-08:00
This modular cage allows you to stack Blackmagic Bidirectional SDI/HDMI 3G Converters on a desk or behind other gear. Learn OAuth over the winter break! 2020-12-22T14:17:04-08:00 2020-12-22T14:17:04-08:00
Over the last year, I've helped thousands of software developers learn about OAuth by hosting live and virtual workshops, and all this knowledge is now available as an on-demand video course! IndieAuth Spec Updates 2020 2020-12-03T18:55:00-08:00 2020-12-03T18:55:00-08:00
This year, the IndieWeb community has been making progress on iterating and evolving the IndieAuth protocol. IndieAuth is an extension of OAuth 2.0 that enables it to work with personal websites and in a decentralized environment. GNAP Editors' Use of GitHub Issues 2020-11-25T08:27:30-08:00 2020-11-25T08:27:30-08:00
The editors met yesterday to discuss the issues that were pulled out of the previous draft text and document a process for how to resolve these and future issues. We would like to explain how we plan on using labels on GitHub issues to keep track of discussions and keep things moving. How to make an RTMP Streaming Server and Player with a … 2020-09-07T14:00:00-07:00 2020-09-07T14:00:00-07:00
In this tutorial we'll use a Raspberry Pi to build an RTMP server that plays out any video stream it receives over the Raspberry Pi's HDMI port automatically. This effectively turns a Raspberry Pi into a Blackmagic Streaming Bridge. Redesigning my Blog Post Pages 2020-06-28T11:18:18-07:00 2020-06-28T11:18:18-07:00
I had a great time in the sessions at IndieWebCamp West yesterday! Today is project day, so I started the morning off listening to some chill tunes with other folks on the Zoom "hallway track" deciding what to work on. How to Leave Facebook 2020-06-14T15:09:50-07:00 2020-06-14T15:09:50-07:00
There are many reasons to delete your Facebook account, so let's start with the assumption you've already made the decision. Here are a few things to know before you press the big "Delete" button. The Real Cause of the Sign In with Apple Zero-Day 2020-05-31T13:49:00-07:00 2020-05-31T13:49:00-07:00
The zero-day bug in Sign In with Apple actually had nothing to do with the OAuth or OpenID Connect part of the Sign In with Apple exchange, and very little to do even with JWTs. Let's take a closer look to see what actually happened. Meetable: Updates for Virtual Events 2020-05-10T21:06:03-07:00 2020-05-10T21:06:03-07:00
Meetable is the software that runs and a couple other event sites that I host. Over the last couple months, we've had to cancel a bunch of IndieWeb events or convert them to virtual events, and I've been watching for patterns to see if there was anything the software could do to facilitate this. Digital Spring Cleaning 2020-04-01T07:55:25-07:00 2020-04-01T07:55:25-07:00
Well, it's Spring, and we're all stuck inside! 😃 So why not use this time to do a little Spring cleaning and declutter your digital life. We all have things we know we should do that we keep putting off. Here are a few things you can do to tidy things up and improve your online security in a time when most of us are interacting only online. Tips and Tools for Improving your Remote Meetings and P… 2020-03-24T08:22:05-07:00 2020-03-24T08:22:05-07:00
Lots of people are suddenly finding themselves working from home, and need to join video conferences from their living room or home office. Here are several tips to improve your virtual meetings and presentations on a budget! I'll start with some things you can do for free to improve your Zoom meetings. If you're recording virtual conference talks from home, or hosting live webinars, you'll definitely want to upgrade to a nicer camera, so take a look at my recommendations for the best video kits under $500 and under $1000! First Draft of OAuth 2.1 2020-03-11T17:22:04-07:00 2020-03-11T17:22:04-07:00
I'm happy to share that Dick and Torsten and I have published a first draft of OAuth 2.1. We've taken the feedback from the discussions on the list and incorporated that into the draft. Implicit flow in the Security BCP draft -14 2020-02-12T15:43:00-08:00 2020-02-12T15:43:00-08:00
Hi all, I'm reading through the latest draft of the Security BCP, and Making Meetable Easier to Install 2020-01-18T15:30:37-08:00 2020-01-18T15:30:37-08:00
I've been working towards making Meetable more useful to others by making it easier to configure and deploy. I took a few shortcuts during the initial development that let me finish it faster, primarily by offloading authentication and image resizing to external services. While that's great for me, it means it requires setting up two additional projects if someone else wanted to get it running.