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Deadline: September 1st, 2022 Payment: Contributors Copy and royalties Theme: Speculative fiction, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, or any other works with a speculative element Note: Authors must be LGBTQIA+ writers We are so proud of our anthologies Strongly Worded Women, Shout, Denial Kills, and our forthcoming Stories (Within) (available on August 5th of 2022). We want to do it again! When we look at our country and our industry, we’re very concerned about attacks on LGBTQIA+ folks in the USA and around the world. We worry about how those attacks are silencing the voices of LGBTQIA+ authors, poets, and artists. We want to do what we can, so, just as Strongly Worded Women included only female-identifying writers, our next anthology will only feature the work of LGBTQIA+ authors, poets and artists. Our panel of editors evaluating and selecting submissions is entirely LGBTQIA+ and includes incredible writers like Christine Sandquist, Lydia Valentine, and Claudine Griggs, and our co-publisher Viveca Shearin. (more…) Please enable JavaScriptHorror Tree Interview w/Erik C. Hanson How the Duck to Write with a Newborn 2022-08-11T09:00:18+00:00 2022-08-11T09:00:18+00:00
How the Duck to Write with a Newborn by Gwendolyn N. Nix   Can you tell I’m tapping away at my phone here? I have a two month old passed out on my lap and moving him to his bassinet will result in a cranky, awake infant. The first days of early motherhood were ones of exhaustive leisure full of cooing and awing before tapping away at my phone while he was on feeding #20 or nap #176 or, dare I say, doing both at the same time. But this “free time” quickly whittled away when faced with the onslaught of sleep deprivation, crying, holding, singing, playing, and overall being a constant vaudeville show for one tiny human. Hey, it’s all supposed to help with brain development. Just wish the ticket sales would break even.   And I know things are only going to keep getting… well, “worse” is the wrong term… more like the vaudeville show is going to add a couple more acts like “Toddler Acrobatics” and “What’s That In Your Mouth?” bracketing the 8-hour intermission of “Full-Time Job.”    So, how the duck am I supposed to get anything done? (more…) Taking Submissions: Cosmic Roots And Eldritch Shores Se… 2022-08-10T13:00:40+00:00 2022-08-10T13:00:40+00:00
Submission Window: September 1st-2nd, 2022 Payment: 8 cents per word for original, 2 cents for reprints, For artwork: $10 for the non-exclusive right to use each image, for as long as the site is online.  If we publish a print collection we will pay a pro-rata share for each image used. Theme: Well written original work in science fiction, fantasy, myth, legend, fairy tales, and eldritch, in written, podcast, video, and/or graphic story form, and from around the world. Note: Reprints welcome     Submissions Schedule We have a new submissions schedule as of June 1, 2020: The first and second day of every month, 12 am of the 1st to 12 am of the 3rd, E.S.T. Only one submission per person. For reading impaired individuals, our submissions manager and ‘forget password’ have a captcha compatible with screen readers. We pay 8¢ per word for new fiction, 2¢ per word for fiction reprints, 2 – 6¢ per word for new fact-based work, 1- 4¢ per word for reprinted fact articles. For new poetry, we pay $1 a line, reprints would be 50¢ a line, up to 40 lines. We’ll look at longer poems but that would be a hard sell, and words over 40 lines would be paid at 6¢ per word. We began The Kepler Award to recognize and encourage writers of excellent science fiction and fantasy stories that creatively extrapolate on known science in constructive and exciting ways. You can learn about The Kepler Award here. You can read a copy of our standard contract here.   It can be varied as needed to include the rights of translators, voice actors, etc. (more…) Taking Submissions: TBD Gothic Romance 2022-08-10T10:00:30+00:00 2022-08-10T10:00:30+00:00
Deadline: September 30th, 2022 Payment: $0.08 a word Theme: Gothic romances that are equal parts horror and romance. Submissions Open: August 1st through September 30th  Title: TBD Gothic Romance  Type: Anthology of short stories Editors: Heather & S.D. Vassallo Theme: We’re looking for gothic romances that are equal parts horror and romance. The short stories should be mysterious, atmospheric, and include a HEA (or happy for now). This is an open call with no slots reserved for invitation pieces. Women (including transgender and people otherwise marginalized because of their gender identity) and non-binary authors only. (more…) Brandon Butler from T.Spec talks Tarot Cards 2022-08-10T09:00:01+00:00 2022-08-10T09:00:01+00:00
  Brandon Butler from T.Spec talks Tarot Cards  By Angelique Fawns   Does the idea of writing about a Science Fiction Tarot card intrigue you? TDOTSPEC and Brandon Butler are looking for 22 stories; one tale for each of the major arcana cards. The submission call is open until October 4, 2022, and pays at a rate of 3 cents a word. I sat down with Butler to learn more about his concept and journey into the publishing world.   (more…) Taking Submissions: Unspeakable Horror 3: Dark Rainbow Rising 2022-08-09T13:00:05+00:00 2022-08-09T13:00:05+00:00
Deadline: September 30th, 2022 Payment: $0.10 (ten cents) per word Theme: Original short stories up to 6,000 words that explore this idea of great terror growing from the LGBTQIA community’s great strides forward. Note: Stories must have a strong, central gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer focus/slant/theme Unspeakable Horror 3: Dark Rainbow Rising Edited by: Vince A. Liaguno When the pendulum of civil rights and social change initiatives swings toward progress, the LGBTQIA community often holds its collective breath in anticipation of the inevitable backlash when the pendulum swings back. Even with these gains, we are constantly looking over our shoulder—waiting for the next shoe to drop, for the next attack on our personhood. The community’s enemies see progress as a perceived danger to their own heteronormative bubbles—and any advancement threatens to burst those fragile bubbles. Even as we hoist the rainbow flag in celebration, a dark rainbow rises on the horizon… For this third volume of the award-winning Unspeakable Horror series, we are seeking original short stories up to 6,000 words that explore this idea of great terror growing from the LGBTQIA community’s great strides forward. We want your terrifying interpretations and extensions of this theme—not a literal reading. Questions to explore: (more…) Taking Submissions: There’s No Place 2022-08-09T10:00:18+00:00 2022-08-09T10:00:18+00:00
Deadline: September 30th, 2022 Payment: 0.08CAD per word and a contributor’s copy Theme: Storytellers who have experienced—or are experiencing—homelessness. IN SHORT What: A pro-rate anthology of short fiction pieces on the theme of “home” (500-3500 words) on the theme of HOME Who: Storytellers who have experienced—or are experiencing—homelessness. When: Submissions are open from July 1, 2022, to September 30, 2022. Publication is scheduled for fall of 2023. Where: While we will prioritize Canadian submissions, submissions are open to writers throughout the world. How: Scroll below to see our guidelines! (more…) August 2022 Horoscopes: The “Dobhar-chú” Days of Summer … 2022-08-09T09:00:54+00:00 2022-08-09T09:00:54+00:00
It’s definitely the “Dobhar-chú” days of summer, isn’t it? Last month we explored who we’d be if we gave into our dark side…this month, we get even more cryptic. Cryptozoological, that is! Bet you didn’t see that coming! (Okay, you probably did.) (more…) 2022-08-11T16:55:26+00:00 2022-08-11T16:55:26+00:00 2022-08-11T16:55:26+00:00 2022-08-11T16:55:26+00:00 2022-08-11T16:55:26+00:00 2022-08-11T16:55:26+00:00 2022-08-11T16:55:26+00:00 2022-08-11T16:55:26+00:00 2022-08-11T16:55:26+00:00 2022-08-11T16:55:26+00:00