Xavier Mouto[N]-Dubosc
Yesterday I tried again to find a good use for "URI" (vs "URL") and found a new reason for just "URL". #nerdproblems (ttk.me t4V12)
Mark Ghuneim
Ryan McAndrews
@darrel_miller: 1. XMLNS dead on web 2. link rels in ufs.cc/w/rels or use http URLs 3. URNs debunked next... (ttk.me t4V13)
@t URNs ignorable 1. URNs are not used on the web, were rejected by DOI which uses URLs for names. Citations: tantek.com/t4V14
Kevin Marks
@t maybe URLs become URIs after they have link rotted to 404 or 410s
Liz Henry
@t What, you went to University of Rhode Island too? :)
Paul Maiorana
the net is vast
Joshua Allen
Meral Akin-Hecke
Josh Juran
Darrel Miller
@t xml namespaces, extension link relations, URNs. I've never found the distinction very hard to grasp.
Lisa Rein
@t I believe th point was originally that URIs don't have to resolve. They were trying to make it simpler, but the concept confused many :-)
Shane Hudson