1. Finished reading The Silent World by Jacques Cousteau.

    It’s a bit strange in that it has no real order and is a collection of semi–related stories about the development and use of the aqualung. Very informative about some of the physiological effects of diving.

    A particularly potent part is Cousteau’s story of the first time bottom trawling had ever been filmed, revealing it to be a hideously inefficient and ineffective method of trawling. No–one had ever realised before, because no one had ever actually seen a net working.

  2. erin kissane: Quite. RT <a class="h-x-username auto-link" href="https://twitter.com/evilrooster">Abi Sutherland</a>: <a class="h-x-username auto-link" href="https://twitter.com/kissane">erin kissane</a> On the other hand, anything typed is arguably digital.

    kissane tangible for objects/works, in-person, f2f or IRL for conversations or interactions

  3. Seb Lee-Delisle: Supermarket in C - a great project but wish they would have chosen a more interesting scale :) <a class="auto-link" href="http://www.malcolmgoldie.com/?id=169">malcolmgoldie.com/?id=169</a> <a class="h-x-username auto-link" href="https://twitter.com/blprnt">blprnt</a> ht@chrisoshea

    seb_ly gotta love F# phrygian!