Display Guidelines

In response to Twitter’s Display GuidelinesRequirements, here are some things I request/suggest you do if using my content on the web.


If you’re kind enough to link to me, please be equally kind to the web and refrain from using link shorteners. They’re fragile and messy.

If you have a legitimate reason for needing shorter URLs (for example in a book or a QR code), then by all means use a shortener, but please put the full URL somewhere visible too — abookapart do an excellent job of this.

If you’ve found some of my content via twitter or facebook, please don’t link to those copies — there will almost always be a bigger, better, faster version of the content here on waterpigs.co.uk.


A subset of linking where, instead of linking to some of my content, you’re linking to me. Ideal example:

<a class="h-card" href="http://waterpigs.co.uk">Barnaby Walters</a>

My URL is http://waterpigs.co.uk — ideally with no www. or trailing slash, although I’m not really picky about that! Please don’t link to my profiles elsewhere (e.g. twitter or flickr) without also linking to my real site.

My name is Barnaby Walters, which is ideal for going inside the link, although any of the usual subsets of that is fine, e.g. Barnaby, B. Walters, etc. If you use something other than my full name, consider using an abbr element with “Barnaby Walters” as the title.

It’d be great if you could mark up links to me as a microformats 2 h-card — it’s really simple, just add class="h-card" to the a element.

If you know me personally, it’d be cool if you could add some XFN to the link too — for example rel="friend met".


Please use the blockquote or q elements — they exist for a reason.

It’d be great if you could link to at least one of: the content you’re quoting; me as a mention (see above).

All the usual applies here — don’t change what I’ve said (typo correction is okay). It’s usually a good plan to visually distinguish quoted content from your own.

If you’re feeling experimental, you could try the h-cite microformat.