The craft of making musical instruments.

Currently Working On

  • Two 2nd Generation Vio Gurdies, one for sale, one to become my performance instrument

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Archived Projects


  1. Repaired a Baby Taylor with a headstock break (before)
  2. Repaired a Classical guitar in a pretty bad state (before)
  3. Repaired a Fenix acoustic with bridge and neck problems
  4. Repairs, setups to two Mtn. Dulcimers (photo)


Please Note: Records from 2012 and earlier are incomplete, but still give a good summary of the work I was doing in these periods.

  1. Hurdy Gurdy restoration + setup (before)
  2. Esquire Gretch copy restoration (before during after)
  3. Tournée a Gauche (photo)
  4. Repairs to a 1920s Winsor Banjo, heel repair on nylon string (photo)
  5. Heel repair to a Hofner Bass (photo)
  6. Headstock repair to a Paul Xavier (handmade) steel-string acoustic (after)
  7. Major cosmetic and structural repairs to a Les Paul (during top after back after neck after)
  8. Vio Gurdy (custom build) completed (photo)
  9. Cigar Box Guitar (photo)


  1. Acoustic Guitar (custom build) (photo)