Nominatim Semantics

Notes on how to convert OSM’s complicated address tagging schema into microformats h-adr semantics


hamlet > village > town > city => locality
road => street-address
country => country-name

latitude, longitude (use full names)
suburb => extended-address — seems safe, if not *hugely* useful
county => region — meaning changes significantly between UK and US due to scale
country_code => country-code is probably great for consistent querying
postcode => postal-code
state => region — v. useful if you’re in the US, not so in UK (Eng, Scot)

state_distict e.g. South West England — not hugely useful
industrial — hardly ever pops up, not really very interesting when it does
continent — probably not hugely useful
city_district — rarely pops up, not very interesting
pedestrian — no idea what this is

Conversion algorithm

street-address = road
extended-address = suburb
locality = first valid of hamlet, village, town, city
region = county, state
country-name = country
postal-code = postcode

country-code = country_code