A Visual FAQ for the Raspberry Pi

In which I present a summary of RasPi hardware for the FAQ-challenged

Despite an excellently written and informative FAQ, there is plenty of confusion over what you can/can’t do with the Raspberry Pi — which ports do what, what you can use with them, etc. The information is all there, but spread around a bit — in the Forum, the Wiki, the FAQ page, other forums… who knows where else it’s hiding?!

Here I’ve summarised what I deem to be the most important things to consider when picking up accessories for a RasPi.

A visual FAQ for the Raspberry Pi. For Accessible version please see the PDF or SVG links below

Also available in some other formats for maximum share-ability:

As stated in the image, I’m not affiliated with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, just a forum member tired of FAQ-challenged newcomers and overly distributed information.

A Better Source: It’s a bit empty at the moment, but the eLinux Wiki has a great page on what hardware is compatible with the RasPi. Please add more if you have hardware you know works!

Other Places to Check

Here are a list of the various sources I found this information:

Read these first and don’t trust what you read in the press unless they’re actually demoing it :)

I may do another guide on the various complexities of actually ordering the Pi, but it’s too much of a tangled mess of info for me to process it at the mo.