How to set up Web Sign In on your @squarespace website

(video+transcript) Squarespace doesn’t yet add rel=me to links to connected accounts, and even if/when they do you may still want to add support for other authentication methods like SMS or Persona. Follow these steps to be able to log in using a squarespace site.

  1. Navigate to your squarespace domain and log in
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Find your homepage in the list of pages and select it
  4. Navigate to Page Config, Advanced tab
  5. For each service you want to be able to delegate authentication to, add a <link rel="me" href="" /> to the text box. For example:
    • Twitter: <link rel="me" href="" />
    • Github: <link rel="me" href="" />
    • Email (with Persona): <link rel="me" href="" />

You will also have to add links from your linked profiles back to the domain you’re logging in with.