Trompette Format Research

Research into relevant material and existing examples of trompette buzzing pattern markup in the wild, to assist with the development of a Trompette Format.

Examples on the Web

Examples in Real Life

  • 1 4 1 3 1 4 1 3 1234 1234 1234 1 3 ||by Gregory Jolivet at Halsway Gurdy weekend 2013-02 (photo)
  • Sheets paper used by Pascal Lefeuvre, pre-printed with 1234 / 1234 / 1234 / 1234 as templates. The buzz positions are circled, and some other symbols are used, but I am not sure entirely what for yet (photo, via Lise Barkas)
  • SMN with a single percussion stave underneath, where the buzzing rhythm is notated using flat-headed notes and the position of the wheel indicated by numbers above the notes (photo, via Lise Barkas)
  • SMN with a full stave for the trompette, with the rhythm notated all at the pitch of the trompette. The duration of a crotchet in terms of wheel rotation is given at the beginning (photo via Lise Barkas)

Examples in Books

(These are separate from the real-life examples as I’m more interested in the ways players “on the ground” choose to notate their rhythms, but are useful reference nonetheless)

  • As note tails and beams with no dots, under the SMN in a Hungarian Tunebook (title unknown) (photo via Lise Barkas)