Come when I Call You

Woody Guthrie/The Klezmatics 2/2 Fm

T:Come when I Call You
C:Woody Guthrie/The Klezmatics
F|"Fm"Fc c3/ c/|"Eb"Bd "Fm"cc|c2 F F/ "Eb" A/-|A B2 B|"Fm" F c2 c|B dc2||
w:Oh will you come when I call you, I’ll come when you call - me, I’ll call you at half past ten,
c d/ d/ c B|A G F2||"Eb"B G/ G/ A B|"Fm"c2 ||"Eb" B B|B F "F" A G|F2 ||
w:ten for the atom bomb lose a-gain, nine for the crippled and blind, eight for my eight bill-ion graves, ||
"Fm" c F/ F/ F F|z "Eb" E "Fm" F2||c F/ F/ F "Eb" E|"Fm" F2||"Bbm" f f/ f/ ed | B "Fm" c2 ||
w:seven for the conti-nents blown up, six for the cities all wrecked, five for the war planes that fly,
"Fm" FGAG | "Eb" AB "Fm" c2 || cdcB | "Eb" AG "Fm" F2 || F F/ F/ F F| "Eb" GE "Fm" A2||
w:four’s for the guns of this war, three’s for these war-ships at sea, two’s for the love of me and you,
"Fm" F F/ F/ F F|GAG|F2 G2|AF "Eb" GE|"Fm" F4|]
w: one’s for the pretty little ba-by that’s born, born, born and gone a-way