Day 4 around photo summary: Dalvík, Siglufjörður, Hvítserkur.

Today was the day everything we tried to look at was closed — Akureyri library, culture house, Siglufjörður Herring museum and Folk Music Centre, and the Glaumbær museum.

At Dalvík I came across some rather nice abandoned industrial machinery including these pipes which were playing music in the wind:

followed by some more snow-covered mountains before driving through the ≈20km of tunnels required to get to Siglufjörður

Siglufjörður itself was beautiful, a tiny fishing town only accessible by sea, air or tunnel. Suitably, here it is shown through a smaller tunnel created by some old machinery outside the (closed) Herring Museum:

Moving on across the fjords towards Stykkishólmur, we made a bumpy detour to Hvítserkur, a small but impressive arch just off the coast:

Just opposite it in the cliffs was a small waterfall which had bought some rather nicely coloured stones down to the beach:

Having finished off the north coast (for this trip at least), we headed south along road 1 before cutting up through a mountain pass towards Stykkishólmur. The despite the road showing up as green on, it was some of the scariest driving in the trip so far — lots of snow on thin mountain roads. Thinking that André’s careful driving had got us through the worst, we pressed on, only to run into even worse weather! Eventually made it to Stykkishólmur and a trendy little hostel on the harbour.

Tomorrow: Snæfellsness and back home to Reykjavík!

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