The chants page on (via @deray) is my favourite thing right now.

I also documented a bunch of awesome chants, some slightly longer, from footage earlier in the year. They’re listed below if anyone’s interested. I couldn’t figure out some of the words here and there, so apologies for any mistakes! Corrections happily accepted.

No justice no peace (optionally x3)
no racist-ass police

I got my hands on my head [hey] please don’t shoot me dead

hands up, don’t shoot

who shuts shit down?
we shut shit down!

who’s streets? our streets!

mike don’t get it
shut it down
his daddy don’t get it
shut it down
[?] don’t get it
shut it down
his mom don’t get it
shut it down

you can’t stop the revolution
they won’t stop the revolution
they can’t stop this revolution

hey hey, ho ho
kill the cops they’ve got to go

these cops don’t like it
we want an inditement

indite, the pigs (?), send the cops to jail
the whole damn system is guilty as hell

back up, back up, we want freedom, freedom
all these racist-ass cops we don’t need ‘em, need ‘em

Most of these are from and

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