Event: Tanz auf dem Kornboden

Duo Gerhardt und Walters (me and Philipp) are playing dance music from Mecklenburg on bagpipes and hurdy gurdy in the Neumühle on the 3rd of October! If you’re in the Brömsenberg/Lübtheen/Schwerin/Hamburg area, come and dance!

Dance introduction course at 18:30, concert at 20:00, entry free. Cakes and suchlike available to buy, eat and then deposit the remains in our shiny new composting toilet!

(ha ha, uh, that got weird quickly)

Neumühle, Ausbau 10, 19249 Lübtheen — once you find Brömsenberg, look for the big red mill. It is quite hard to miss.

We have a band photo now! I think that means we’re officially a band, or something.

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