php-mf2 v0.3.0 is released! This long overdue update contains a variety of bugfixes and new features:

  • Requires PHP 5.4 at minimum (PHP 5.3 is EOL)
  • Licensed under CC0 rather than MIT
  • Merges Pull requests #70, #73, #74, #75, #77, #80, #82, #83, #85 and #86.
  • Variety of small bug fixes and features including improved whitespace support, removal of style and script contents from plaintext properties
  • All PHPUnit tests passing finally
  • Many thanks to @aaronpk, @diplix, @dissolve, @dymcx @gRegorLove, @jeena, @veganstraightedge and @voxpelli for all your hard work opening issues and sending and merging PRs!



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