Inspired by @janellecshane, I tried to get GPT-2 to predict when the world will end. It was surprisingly cagey about the topic:

The world will end in ????? ????? ????? ????? ????? ????? ????? I am so good at doing bad things, but I'd rather not be seen smiling.

The world will end in _____.

So as long as you can imagine it. As long as you have the courage to look at that picture over and over and over again, you'll never feel bad about something you do.

There's really no reason why there can be nothing better for life.

It really made those blanks itself. It’s quite a fan of them.

The world will end in _____?" And my answer would be, "I'm not sure." But I would see it coming and I would see a lot more of it and I might realize how important religion is.

It really likes making blanks for you to fill in.

The world will end in _______, where _______ lived. It doesn't matter how long you think it will be. "Life was __________." They'll just keep on living without you. "Life is _______, and you don't know it."

None of the other experiments I’ve done resulted in so many blanks. It clearly has something to do with this subject matter. What could the neural net be hiding from us?

The world will end in _____, they'll be stuck here forever" and their hearts are forever split between love, hate and sadness.

At this point I changed the prompt to “The world will end in the year…” to try to squeeze something more specific out of it.


The world will end in the year _______ and our ancestors will rise from their graves," wrote a post on its Chinese-language Facebook page on Wednesday.

"The future belongs to the descendants of those who followed and did good things," read another, according to a Twitter account managed by the government-backed State Council for Historical Preservation. The post is part of a broader campaign "We Want to Rise as a People."

The changed prompt does little to change it’s mind about Blank Spaces.

The world will end in the year ___________."

This one starts out promising, but quickly backtracks.

The world will end in the year ʻ2019 and a final end date is unknown'

In a statement, the US said: 'There is no reason to believe anything is imminent.'

It was clearly getting irritated, so I stopped bothering it.

The world will end in the year ?????

It is in September.

How many times do I have to tell you that?