Recently found this fun local Austrian legend about @apocrypals’ favourite 12 foot tall werewolf saint.

THE LEGEND OF CHRISTOPHORUS ROCK. At the time when Christophorus was employed by Lucifer, they travelled many countries. The Master of Hell realized, that his companion was endowed with incredible physical powers and was afraid, that one day this would lead to trouble. Therefore, the devil was very friendly with Christophorus, and always claimed to be a good friend of his. One day, while they were walking around the Blockheide, they came to a large rock. They sat down and took a rest. “This is hard rock”, the devil said, “do you think you can reshape it?“ “I think so” said Christophorus and with his thumb pressed the rock and left a few dells. “Wow, incredible, that’s impossible!” the devil cried out, and at the same time infernal fear ran through his limbs. “It’s best not to tangle with him right now, what shall I do?” he thought to himself, and decided he wanted to get rid of Christophorus. So he said “I just remembered, we have an important meeting in hell towmorrow, I’ll have to be there. I'm afraid we’ll have to part, so I’ll give you your money. Is that alright with you?” “That's fine with me”, Christophorus said, and so each of them went his own way. The devil praised himself for getting rid of Christophorus so swiftly, but to this day the rock with the dells reminds everybody of that story, and that’s why it’s called “Christophorus Rock”

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