1. Haven’t heard that one before :

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  2. Designing a poster in HTML (for compatibility). It’s relaxing to not have to deal with fluid design. body { width: 210mm; height: 297mm; }

  3. Me: “Yes, that is a tool called Github, with an octopus-cat hybrid as a logo. It’s one of the best tools which has been created, I use it every day"

    Brother: “I am scared”

  4. Andrew Clarke: If I get time this week, I’ll write a user stylesheet for @DuckDuckGo that makes it look lovely. Been meaning to redesign it for a while.

    @malarkey you’re not going to do away with the duck, are you? Look into the duck’s eyes. YOU CANNOT TRUST IT.

  5. Security component is a beast. Once I’ve got it sorted, there’s a BIG tutorial on it’s way. The symfony components have taught me a huge amount, so improving their documentation the least I can do.

  6. Jack Way: @BarnabyWalters Angular.js, Node.js, Testacular. I highly recommend NetBeans btw.

    Jack Way netbeans is certainly the best IDE for php I’ve used so far. Angular.js looks nice, I’m trying to learn ember at the mo but the docs are rather inadequate.