1. Optimal video-splitting workflow on a mac:

    1. In Logic/QuickTime 7, figure out each of the ranges of video you want
    2. Open the movie in QuickTime 10
    3. Cmd + T to enter trim mode
    4. Set the handles to your range
    5. Cmd + shift + S to save as
    6. Close movie (export will continue)
    7. Repeat from 2 until complete
  2. Sophie Dennis: @Jack_Way I hold out optimistically on the Groups, but the quality of a lot of the discussion is very poor. Have to filter hard

    sophiedennis I am a member of an excellent musical instrument design group but don’t contribute much due to horrible UI and uninformative emails

  3. The boot is full of guitar repairs (courtesy of Teign Music), including one which looks like a terrifying six-eyed guitar monster with scary teeth.