1. Normal Saturday cleaning and shopping routine this morning, then went for a hike and drove around under the sea with a pirate, a stripper wearing an authentic green beret and a designer with back to front organs.

    Because, y’know,

  2. sophiedennis looks like it went really well! Did anyone video it? Morpeth rant looks like a nice tune, I’ll try learning that on the gurdy this evening.

    The Unquiet Grave is one of my favourite traditional songs — have you heard the Dubliners’ version? I think my parents had a wonderful live recording of it on a cassette tape which I can no longer find :(

  3. Jovian Salak: I'm at numbers 3 and 11 in the telegraphs best weekly travel photos. #Photography #travel #travelphotography http://t.co/t1CyBJOGy5

    Jovian Salak nice one! But I’m confused, I thought you didn’t like the torygraph?

    I shall be pushing the initial version of your site live this weekend :)

  4. git grep is pretty amazingly fast — get line numbers too with -n or git config --add grep.lineNumbers true