1. Current Walters discussion: what is more useful when job seeking, GCSEs or cake-making ability (demonstrated through providing the potential employer with a cake to try)

  2. @fraying I'd be fascinated to know if you have any process for handling fighter deaths at cutefight? A morbid interest sure, but it’s going to happen and was wondering if you had some special way to handle it? Virtual funeral/gravestone where former competitors can pay their respects, for example?

  3. Derek Powazek: Seriously, people. If you have a pet, you've gotta sign up for Cute-Fight. Look at this glorious page! http://t.co/LvtFH1pOrz

    fraying I don't have a pet currently but I love what you're doing with cute fight — the logos in particular are perfect

  4. I have to say that whilst ’s data export functionality is rubbish, their URLs and use of conneg made it really easy to roll my own. A little hacking with the web inspector (tracking XHR, looking up headers and content) was all that was required — and now it’s documented, so no-one else will have to spend time doing so.

  5. Sophie Dennis: @BarnabyWalters I agree with @laurakalbag : the challenge for #indieweb is ease-of-use - that, not privacy/control, is how platforms win

    sophiedennis one of the interesting things about is that there’s almost no discussion about privacy or security. It’s completely focused on sharing, content ownership and lowering the barrier to entry.

  6. Laura Kalbag: @BarnabyWalters unfortunately not easily enough to setup on your own space. (I’m talking really basic users).

    Laura Kalbag also, things like Aral Balkan’s great wordpress export tools make it especially easy to migrate to self-hosted indieweb — hosted w/ own domain name redirect is the achievable first step.

  7. Laura Kalbag: @BarnabyWalters unfortunately not easily enough to setup on your own space. (I’m talking really basic users).

    .Laura Kalbag “on your own space” is important but not a prerequisite of (IMO at least). The domain name is the most important thing, so starting with hosted wordpress.com or tumblr or even just redirecting to it is valid and an easy first step.

    I’d encourage you to check out the Getting Started Guide — feedback/edits gratefully accepted, it’s important to me that the guide is as helpful and clear as it can be.

  8. Laura Kalbag: @BarnabyWalters I agree in theory, but in practice the indie web of which you speak is only available to those with tech skills to make it.

    Laura Kalbag would you agree that wordpress.com (and to a lesser extent, other wordpress services) is non-techie-friendly? It supports most of the infrastructure we’re using on our sites (e.g. pubsubhubbub, pingback, microformats) and provided you hook up your own domain name is an equally valid way of owning your content/identity online as rolling your own.