1. Sandeep Shetty: .@BarnabyWalters Oxymoron: "Ghost is a Node.js application... which means it can run pretty much anywhere" http://t.co/6pkZMQrqg7 #indieweb

    sandeepshetty mm, I hope they chose node.js over (for example) PHP due to it’s strong points, not because of PHP’s limitations. That’s certainly not how it comes across in their blog post :/

  2. Aaron Parecki woah, brilliant! Love the fact you're self hosting video too — what’s your workflow for that? I was thinking of building a mandrill-backed email inbox for photo and video upload so I can post from iOS really easily

  3. Ben Werdmuller: Just realized I'll never make it onto a 30 Under 30 list. Time to start preparing for that 80 Over 80 feature. Watch out, world!

    Ben Werdmuller I shouldn’t worry about it, that trend doesn’t scale either way — “Top 10 under 10!” “Top 4 under 4!” “Top 1 under 1!” “Top 1000 under 1000!”

  4. Robin Andrews: @BarnabyWalters Hi Barnaby. Thanks for liking my post. However, my handle is @robinmujician! How's the land of ice?

    Robin Andrews whoops, missed it that time! I need to get autocomplete working again, then I’ll never forget :)

    Iceland is great, the people are cool, the weather+scenery is amazing, the work is interesting, and my apartment has a huge DVD collection! I did a panorama from the office roof.