1. Aral Balkan: @BarnabyWalters Will definitely look into it :) Any suggestions that pop out at you?

    Aral Balkan best place to start is h-card on the homepage (with rel=me on twitter/email links) and h-entry on your notes. All the mf2 vocab pages have examples on, and let me know if you run into any problems — we’re always looking to make the docs better.

  2. Deeply saddened to hear about the death of my friend Greg Taylor. I rarely saw him over the past year but will always remember him for bringing happiness to countless school bus journeys.

    RIP Greg, you were truly a special guy and will be missed.

  3. I was sure that someone else had already invented the decimal-friendly method of finger counting I came up with earlier this year. Not only is that true, they came up with a much cooler name for it — Chisanbop.

  4. Is violently expelling mucus from our faces really the most efficient way of removing pathogens from the body that 20 million years of evolution could come up with?

  5. @benwerd I learnt a little more about Iðnó — it’s currently a culture house with performance space and a restaraunt, but it used to be the place where craftsmen were trained. The name is pronounced ith-ner, and is shortened form of “craftsmanship”.

  6. A 2003 iSight sitting on top of a 2012 iPad:

    The iSight was built to work with a great many products, and as a result is extensible. The lead is a standard Apple firewire lead nested inside an adapter which can fit onto many different attachments. On the attachment, there’s a thumbscrew, so that same clear plastic hook can join onto items of many different thicknesses (such as the iPad). That’s four levels of modularity.

    The iPad was built to be useful for two years, tops, before being replaced. Its dock connector is already out of date. Its case is incompatible with the previous model.

    Which is better designed? Which will retain its value longer?

  7. “For a platform to be reliable, it must either have a single implementation, or be so utterly simple that it can be implemented uniformly. If we assume a practical need for open, freely implementable standards, the only option is simplicity.”

    Magic Ink, @worrydream