1. Successfully got both my RPis automatically connecting to WiFi and serving HTTP and SSH over @pagekite. If you’re having trouble setting up SSH over Pagekite, using Interactive Testing is super useful. Turns out I had typed my secret in wrong — oops!

    At least I can not run them headless now and not keep lugging monitor, keyboard etc. into the kitchen (only source of WiFi strong enough for tiny antenna to pick up). Better for my own sanity as well as my housemates’.

  2. culture names suggested so far:

    • Naan & Roti
    • Beep & Boop
    • Wallace & Gromit
    • Rupert and Bill
    • Yoda & Chewbacca
    • Tintin & Snowy
    • The Thompson Twins

    This is going to be difficult. Only one way out… more cultures! I knew I was saving all those peanut butter jars for a good reason.

  3. If you’re getting weird errors when trying to copy NOOBS files onto your SD card on Mac OS X, try copying the files one by one. Sounds stupid (and is stupid) but just worked for me.

  4. If you’re working with undocumented lat/long coordinate data and, when plotted, everything’s coming out sort of in the right place but a little way off, check to see whether or not what looks like decimal lat long data is actually traditional DMS data.

    For example, I recently had to parse and plot a bunch of coordinates which looked like this: 6359550-2154605. I initially thought it was decimal lat/long data missing decimal points for some reason, so I plotted it as 63.59550, -21.54605. All of the coordinates were in the right place relative to each other, but about 1/3rd of a degree off. Turns out the data actually needed to be plotted as 63˚ 59' 55.0", -21˚ 54' 60.5".

    Here’s the python I wrote to clumsily convert the strange original form into decimal:

    def dms_to_decimal(old):
        if old[0] == '-':
            old = old[1:]
            multiplier = -1
            multiplier = 1
        return (int(old[0:2])+int(old[2:4])/60.0+int(old[4:6])/3600.0) * multiplier
  5. Weird luggage on my KEF flight: overly decorative trophy in hand luggage, two tatty cardboard boxes held together with tape in hold luggage. Apparently this is a thing now.

  6. Terrible copy in KEF:

    Sign reading: One of the few airports in the world which is both tax and duty free, meaning up to 50% off city prices. Experience Iceland. This is Iceland at it’s purest. Come and Experience Iceland.

    Duty free shopping is Iceland at it’s purest? Seriously? May as well jump back on the plane without leaving the airport then.

    Banner above checkouts reading: Worth The Experience

    Apparently the experience of buying aforementioned duty free goods is so bad that signs are required to reassure you that the goods are worth it.