1. v0.2.0 update to php-mf2 (BREAKING CHANGES) contains lots of goodness, including

    • support for the new, safe, consistent e-* property parsing rules
    • improved API, parsing mf2 from HTML now only requires one function call
    • PSR-0 namespace update (mf2Mf2)
    • improvements to the way classic microformats are supported
    • vastly improved documentation

    Go get it now from Packagist, or try it out at pin13.net/mf2

  2. Aaron Parecki: Here are some photos from today's @playmapattack game at #realtimeconf! http://www.flickr.com/photos/aaronpk/sets/72157636700537984/

    Aaron Parecki looks like it was a success :) Feedback after using the map creation UI: the path tool is amazing for quickly filling up maps, it would be great if it had the option to automatically insert staggered higher-point points, maybe a 20 every 5 and a 30 every 15 or 20. 50s are most fun to place by hand.

  3. Discovery: my enjoyment of running is directly proportional to the amount of thought which has to go into where to put my feet next.

  4. Chrome users: I added installation instructions for , as Google demands payment for submission to the Web App Store and makes it difficult for you to the run software you want to run. Fortunately they’re fine with you dragging+dropping the extension in. Hopefully that makes things easier!

  5. Recorded an unnamed tune yesterday + saw for the first time today = easy tune name! Lights In The Sky:

    Want to play it? Have a peek at the sheet music.

  6. Noticed the Big Tower Of Light Pollution, then a smudgy green cloud, which turned into the northern lights. They really are astonishingly beautiful.

    Watched for 30mins from Arnarhóll. Harpa and the peace tower looked pathetic in comparison to even the weakest of the shimmering curtains.

  7. Government web services are fun to use. It takes three web forms to download, then upload, a PDF form. I heard you like forms…