1. bex edmondson: my (girls) high school's highest computer-related qualification was HALF a GCSE, a qualification taken aged 16 - i had about 12 of them, and ONE HALF was computer-related. half my grade was a POWERPOINT. i asked for them to start an a level - they said no IT WAS 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!https://twitter.com/alicegoldfuss/status/1096142571837960192

    I feel the pain :/ I was already freelancing when I took my GCSEs and was forced to do the ICT BTEC you’re probably talking about. It ended up being my worst grade overall because I got so angry with it halfway through and tried (but sadly failed) to fail it on purpose. Plan was that if a job interviewer asked why IT was my lowest grade I would take great pleasure in ripping the course content to shreds.

  2. “Lord, what a thoughtless wretch was I,
    To mourn, murmur and repine,
    To see the wicked placed on high,
    In pride and robes of honour shine.

    But oh their end, their dreadful end,
    Thy sanctuary taught me so,
    On slippery rocks I see them stand,
    And fiery billows roll below.”

    — Isaac Watts, 1719, still relevant 300 years later :/

    It’s number 183 in the 1991 Sacred Harp, if you feel like singing it to suitably epic music.

  3. Brian Suda: digs around in an old NeXT box used by CERN to build the first graphical browser. Looking through the source code, this really was a grand experiment.pic.twitter.com/KpDDz3h1FI

    Please tell me that’s the original “this is a server, do not turn off” sticker?!

  4. Aitor García Rey: Today I Learned the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 provided £20M for compensation payments to British Empire slave-owners. British government financed this massive amount (~5% GPD) w/ a £15M loan (banker Rothschild). It was not fully paid back until 2015! Bankers, we always win

    just imagine how long it would have taken if they had compensated the slaves :/

  5. about tcpdump, a very handy little command line utility for looking at network traffic. Not as fully featured as Wireshark, but nice if you want to e.g. pipe network traffic into another process. It’s also not >300MB :/

  6. When using the python2.7 gzip module with StringIO, it’s extremely important to call GzipFile.close() after you’ve finished writing to it. If you don’t, the archive will probably not be readable as the CRC record will not be appended, and you’ll get a bunch of IOErrors despite everything looking fine.

  7. I tried to plug in this LED strip I bought but nothing happens. 5400 LEDs but none of them turn on?! and when I tried to peel the backing off to stick it to something, all the LEDs fell out D: 0/10 would not buy again

    Picture shows a reel containing surface mount LEDs, ready to be fed into a pick and place machine.