1. Hey @askpaypal, your entire website and support system is broken, and I’ve received no response to my complaints about it for almost a week now. In case you need reminding:

    • the documentation about removing a debit card (https://www.paypal.com/gb/selfhelp/article/How-do-I-add-or-remove-a-debit-credit-card-FAQ1389/1) is wrong, there is no “Remove” option on the page it specifies.
    • the “Add Bank Account” functionality is broken, giving me only a vague error message for days now:

    • Your UK freephone number consistently doesn’t work, when I try to call it I just get “This number is not recognised”

    • Many links to help topics from within your own web UI are broken, leading to a “this help topic no longer exists” error page

    When are you going to fix these obvious, basic problems? When am I going to get a response to my complaints? When can I get my money out of your obviously broken system? Why do I have to post about this on my own website/twitter to try to get a response out of you?

  2. Emil Björklund: Take a look at the diagram I just retweeted. Ambiguous date formats annoy me... Just use ISO, please. It's easy: falling granularity, Y-m-d.

    @thatemil RRRR yes, ambiguous date formats are so stupid, especially when they’re on tickets (british rail, I’m looking at you)