1. Congratulations to all my friends who got into university, and congratulations too to those who decided to take a different path. You’re all awesome :)

  2. It's a myth that teaching something is the best way to learn. Rather, being able to teach something is an excellent measure of your understanding of it, and the act of teaching forces you to reframe your knowledge in ways you may not have tried before, exposing gaps in your knowledge.

    Like everything else, teaching is a tool.

  3. School grades are a measure of how socially acceptable your level of remembering–ability was when you did the exams, relative to everyone else.

    Therefore, their meaning and value deteriorate over time. The value and meaning of things you create and add to the world generally increase with time (become more well-known, better used, refined, etc.)

  4. Opera implementing -webkit prefixes is only as big a deal as we make it. Provided we don’t say ‘hey, it’s alright to only use -webkit now’ there’s no problem.