1. Added the dove and Ecuadorian fragrant wood to my Wood Is Good shrine back home in Iceland:

    (The lego figures are of a scientist and pizza delivery person, representing wood science and delicious wood-fired pizza ovens, respectively)

  2. Barely noticed the Turkey-wide power outages this morning as the building I’m staying in has a redundant power supply. Istanbul seems to be mostly back on line now.

  3. “Cleaning staff” just knocked on my door and asked if I wanted any water. At 23:18. This hotel just gets weirder and weirder.

  4. This is the view from our hotel in Istanbul. Apparently it’s also the site for the 2016 world satellite dish counting championships.

  5. Lesson learned this evening: If a waiter offers you food, and there’s the tiniest, slightest sliver of a chance it might be off menu, ask how much it’s going to cost up front.