1. Hey @askpaypal, your entire website and support system is broken, and I’ve received no response to my complaints about it for almost a week now. In case you need reminding:

    • the documentation about removing a debit card (https://www.paypal.com/gb/selfhelp/article/How-do-I-add-or-remove-a-debit-credit-card-FAQ1389/1) is wrong, there is no “Remove” option on the page it specifies.
    • the “Add Bank Account” functionality is broken, giving me only a vague error message for days now:

    • Your UK freephone number consistently doesn’t work, when I try to call it I just get “This number is not recognised”

    • Many links to help topics from within your own web UI are broken, leading to a “this help topic no longer exists” error page

    When are you going to fix these obvious, basic problems? When am I going to get a response to my complaints? When can I get my money out of your obviously broken system? Why do I have to post about this on my own website/twitter to try to get a response out of you?

  2. tip: Young people (under 18, in the EU) who want to create a paypal account for your enterprising businesses or other fun activities: before your 18th birthday, ONLY create accounts with disposable email addresses. Once your account gets credited with more than €2500 in one financial year, Paypal have to do an identity verification check, and when they find out you created an account before you were 18, they freeze it, and you have to create a new account with a new email address.