1. Jovian Salak: @BarnabyWalters If I have time, I'll buy my domain from http://t.co/BV6k81mo6r tonight. Any specific 'package'? Then we can begin...

    Jovian Salak just go for the cheapest one. Looking forward to seeing your photos! I did a nice panorama from the office roof a couple of days ago, and have made a fancy way of showing it on the web

  2. Drew McLellan: @BarnabyWalters She has 4 external HDs, Time Machine and a nightly SuperDuper job scheduled :)

    drewm nice! I was actually talking about rsyncing between MBP, HD and school computers if they’re Macs — saved me a whole lotta time

  3. Drew McLellan: Pimping out my daughter's new MBP with 16GB RAM. That should make her GCSE Photography project work a bit less tiresome.

    drewm if my recent experience with GCSE photography is anything to go by, an external HD and a knowledge of rsync will be v. useful too :)

  4. Jovian Salak: The tool for my latest project - 1978 'Kiev A' - made in the USSR! Really complicated to use! But that's part of it... http://t.co/csHDG9UD

    joviansalak beautiful piece of kit! Have I seen that one before?

  5. Jaisen Mathai: @BarnabyWalters Nope. Everything works off the files in the /base/ directory. A few obscure functions might not work but 99% will w/o orig.

    @jmathai marvellous, I’ll bear that in mind and have a go at moving them elsewhere when things get out of hand