1. Google Translate’s statistical origins show themselves in interesting ways:

    it translates “marching with our spades” into German as “ziehen mit dem Spaten”

    but translates “marching with our shovels” as “marschieren mit unseren Schaufeln”

    I’m 95% certain that the use of “ziehen” and “dem” in the first example rather than “marschieren” and “unseren” is due to “und ziehen mit dem Spaten” being a lyric in Die Moorsoldaten (the peat bog soldiers).

  2. 2013 in numbers:

    • 2 days, 4 rooms
    • 43 Creators, 3 Apprentices participating in-person
    • > 13 people participating remotely, including 5 by video
    • 16 brainstorming sessions
    • 11 selfdogfooding demos
    • 11 hack demos
    • 38 active IRC participants (people who actually said stuff)
    • ≈60 people in IRC at any given time
    • 2718 total IRC messages
    • 176 wiki edits
    • 35090 net wiki insertions (new chars)

    Most counts either manually from the wiki or scraped from the IRC logs, which are surprisingly nicely marked up.

    I received over 20 mentions via both pingback and webmention — I’d love to hear how many others received. Likewise, if anyone has personal stats like LOC or commit counts, please leave them in the comments!

    Does anyone who was there IRL have any other stats e.g. amount of food/drink consumed? Total bandwidth/electricity usage would also be awesome to know.