1. Nothing says “generic, unimaginative christmas present” like a perfume. On which note, the perfume adverts this year are the worst yet :/

  2. I just fixed a bug which prevented non-authenticated users from reading my articles. Sorry about that, should all work again now!

  3. Just pushed a weeks worth of local development live, requiring only 30 sec of fixing to make everything shiny and working again. I love git!

  4. Writing a jQuery plugin. I have become my own worst enemy. But all the other in-place edit plugins are either horrible or try to be a REST syncing service too.

  5. Optimal video-splitting workflow on a mac:

    1. In Logic/QuickTime 7, figure out each of the ranges of video you want
    2. Open the movie in QuickTime 10
    3. Cmd + T to enter trim mode
    4. Set the handles to your range
    5. Cmd + shift + S to save as
    6. Close movie (export will continue)
    7. Repeat from 2 until complete
  6. The boot is full of guitar repairs (courtesy of Teign Music), including one which looks like a terrifying six-eyed guitar monster with scary teeth.