Content Creation Brainstorming

Unstructured brainstorming on the topic of content creation UI.

Invert the direction of the content creation entry point so it’s object–based. Examples:

  • Instead of opening a "check-in" UI, open a venue list UI and check in to a venue
  • Instead of opening a note posting UI to quote from + comment on a paragraph from a book, open your Reading List UI and have a "quote from this book" button

Taking this approach allows the note posting UIs to be extremely minimal, with the extra functionality added where it’s appropriate.

Code the UI-injection around open standards/well-known formats and deploy it using browser extensions, the advantages being that your functionality no longer applies purely to your own site. Examples:

  • Inject a "Check-in" proxy UI into h-cards which have h-adr or h-geo set
  • Inject a "Review" proxy UI into h-products


Why, *why* is there no good way to do this? Need to write a browser extension (perhaps incorporate into web actions) which allows for nice workflow.

  1. Read article
  2. Select a piece of text
  3. Present "Quote this text in a blog post" UI
  4. When activated, opens a new-blog-post UI, pre-loaded with the text, URL of post (perhaps in in-reply-to field), in a blockquote, perhaps with h-cite

How to deal with multiple quotes? Perhaps support augmented drag and drop. On selection, UI offers drag handles — when dragged onto blog post authoring UI, drops not only the text but full blockquote with cute URL/h-cite markup in.

Must allow user to have full customisation of markup introduced — provide some customisation interface (w/ sane defaults per convention over configuration) allowing user to enter their own markup, w/ placeholder expanding into the selected quote.