1. Ivan Leslie Horne

    Poplar/Aspen the quality depends on where the tree/s grow. The slower the growth and the soil quality will give a better clear idea of its uses. It is prone to dark centre wood and the trees take the minerals from the soil. Good sharp tools are a must and it is better to plane at an angle to the grain with a low angle plane.
  2. Ivan Leslie Horne

    It has been used for many different applications, as with many woods that are now not available because of illegal loging and mass production. The wood for bow making was used for crates and packageing, until it was found to have a quality that changed the way it was used. As more woods become unavilable,new and more available woods need to be used. With the coming of electrics in modern instruments the acoustics are less important, what is important in instrumentmaking is the way the different woods are cut,dried and stored and for how long and the guality of finish and craftmaking .