Day 3 around : churches, horses, REINDEER, snow, mountains, caves, more snow, more snow, mountains, Akureyri.

Started out in Egilsstaðir, were going to head straight up north but the roads were closed so took a detour around a river+up a valley. Some more nice waterfalls, nothing so large as the previous days but just as much character:

First interesting animal sighting of the day: Reindeer from afar!

upon a mountain slope, several small, lightly coloured quadrupeds are shown

Followed quickly by a closer animal sighting, some beautiful Icelandic horses:

several stout horses stand in a group before a mountainside

er, halló hrós! Make that much closer:

a horse gets a little bolder, approaching the car — then MUCH bolder, nuzzling against the window

Then off to Mývatn and the Grjótagjá geothermal caves, with one of the most unstable looking entrances I’ve ever seen at a tourist destination:

The caves are impressive from the inside but can only really be appreciated once viewed from above:

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