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Finished the ER rando run by pivoting to the ever-reliable blasphemous blade. I tried to deal with Fire Dragonkin+Placidusax with rot daggers and the ornamental straight swords, but it just wasn’t happening. Farum Azula was a breeze, with Godskin Horah Loux, Field Trip Rennala and Fire Giant. Godskin Duo replaced Gideon Ofnir (continuing the theme of duo fights in that arena), which also wasn’t much of a challenge.

Unfortunately, Gideon had moved one step ahead as the first phase of Godfrey/HL, followed by Mohg, Lord of Blood. Two of my least favourite fights, but blasphemous blade prevailed.

I was getting pretty tired of the rando at this point, but my patience was rewarded when Leonine Misbegotten of the Golden Order was followed not only by Elden Apostle, but also Elden Noble, resulting in a four-phase final boss fight culminating in the dramatic defeat of… Elden Snail.