1. Playing with some of blekko’s algorithmic slashtags. /people seems broken (almost never returns any results, not entirely sure what it’s for. /blog seems a bit broken (compare: web actions with web actions /blog — first contains far more relevant results). Looking forward to hopefully getting API access so I can autogenerate slashtags from my XFN.

  2. Well, that was a successful rehearsal. Come see the real thing! 3rd March, 2:30 at Kingkerswell Parish Church. Tickets £5 on the door.

  3. Tantek Çelik: "Which high school did you go to?" "Which city did you grow up in?" #Security Qs? No, #Facebook profile prompts. #fail (ttk.me t4Nj5)

    Tantek Çelik I ignored city, as it’s so often used that I see it as synonymous for town/village (a shorter version of “settlement” perhaps), but the high school/university ones got on my nerves. Ended up ignoring high school (what even is that) and put Totnes School of Guitarmaking for “university”