1. It's a myth that teaching something is the best way to learn. Rather, being able to teach something is an excellent measure of your understanding of it, and the act of teaching forces you to reframe your knowledge in ways you may not have tried before, exposing gaps in your knowledge.

    Like everything else, teaching is a tool.

  2. Zachary Kain ☯: @BarnabyWalters I use <pre> for poetry, since it is pre formatted text. I don't know if I'd ever warrant using a <br>

    Zachary Kain as pre retains all whitespace it might be dangerous to use it for poetry — e.g. preserved indentation, lack of minification ability. In poetry’s case, br is more semantic — it represents the presence of a line break. Also you don’t get wrapping (although you may want it).

    As usual, the “read the spec, make up your own mind, be willing to change it” rule applies :)

  3. Laura Kalbag: And <br/> tags used instead of <label>s in forms makes me downright stabby.

    Laura Kalbag my current pet peeve is a h1, then a h2 directly below it which is not a header, just a paragraph the author wanted to make look bigger (or a subheader, like bootstrap does with the downright weird h1 -> small). I saw it once a while ago, now I’m seeing it everywhere :/

  4. Kyle Weems: I dislike having to deal with kludgy browsers too. But I also know my clients aren't interested in turning away many of their customers.

    cssquirrel Zepto is nice for browser extensions, where the browser will always be modern and capable