1. That Icelandic register things is a great example of technology making bureaucracy redundant. Ironically, having said that, there are some prime examples of technology mindlessly being applied and increasing bureaucracy and waste here…

    I’m looking at you, fancy touch screen machines who’s only function is to spit out a bit of paper (average life span maybe 2 mins?) which tells me when a desk is free to serve me :/

  2. The completeness of Iceland's National Register has eliminated the need for the country to conduct a regular census: population statistics can be obtained by simply querying the database.

    Iceland are way ahead of the rest of us. (emphasis mine, source)

  3. This evening’s project: catching up on a bit of dev. :

    • remove lines — whitespace FTW
    • get rid of crappy AJAX+backbone for calling new note UI into notes page, replace it with iframe+postMessage
  4. Loving so far. Advanced globbing, git status in the prompt and super-intelligent command autocomplete… why did I ever use bash?

  5. Long shower queue at today, so I spent the time coming up with a better way of counting on fingers. Binary is not very ergonomic, my way is more limited but still gets you up to 99 using only fingers as state, and potentially 399 using arms as state too.