1. I think I just tried to make @nerdhaus quiche. Whether or not I accept that interpretation of the past as canon depends mainly on the degree of misshapenness of whatever it is coming out of the oven in a few minutes.

  2. Databases are the wrong way round. A database should be something you do to content rather than content being something you to a database.

  3. Ben Werdmuller: What's the #indieweb / #microformats friendly take on infinite scroll? Sick of my prev / next buttons.

    @benwerd my take: use rel=next/prev[ious] (like inter-post nav) then progressively enhance, make sure you’re not making people play “catch the footer” :)

  4. Also in today: learning about I2C communications. Tips+resources:

    • @adafruit have a helpful guide to Setting up your Pi for I2C — remember to reboot after enabling I2C modules
    • All commands which access I2C need to be run as root using sudo
    • If you’re not sure which address a particular device is at, run sudo i2cdetect before and after plugging it in and see which address changed
    • If there are libraries available for easily talking to the device you’re using, make use of them. Do this first even if you want to learn about the lower level communications too to ensure that your device is working correctly.
    • Get to know i2cdump, i2cset and i2cget, they’re super useful for poking around in I2C devices

    I cobbled together a class for communicating with the ADXL345 by cross-referencing between the Arduino library for that chip and Adafruit’s I2C library, only to find that someone else had done so only hours earlier!

  5. Successfully got both my RPis automatically connecting to WiFi and serving HTTP and SSH over @pagekite. If you’re having trouble setting up SSH over Pagekite, using Interactive Testing is super useful. Turns out I had typed my secret in wrong — oops!

    At least I can not run them headless now and not keep lugging monitor, keyboard etc. into the kitchen (only source of WiFi strong enough for tiny antenna to pick up). Better for my own sanity as well as my housemates’.

  6. culture names suggested so far:

    • Naan & Roti
    • Beep & Boop
    • Wallace & Gromit
    • Rupert and Bill
    • Yoda & Chewbacca
    • Tintin & Snowy
    • The Thompson Twins

    This is going to be difficult. Only one way out… more cultures! I knew I was saving all those peanut butter jars for a good reason.

  7. If you’re getting weird errors when trying to copy NOOBS files onto your SD card on Mac OS X, try copying the files one by one. Sounds stupid (and is stupid) but just worked for me.