1. Finally got “home” home after one of the most intense weekends of my life. Now to spend a relaxing week sorting out the garage, finishing and trying to sell a hurdy gurdy, meeting up with people and following up .

  2. Tantek Çelik: #indieweb @zeldman you can now Reply (and Favorite and Retweet) from notes on my site. No backbutton needed. Figuring out how to enable such "web actions" from indieweb site to indieweb site, and not just from my site to Twitter, was the bigger challenge (UX and markup). I implemented these #webactions for all my notes past, present, and future, during an @IndieWebCampUK session today: * etherpad.mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-webactions * indiewebcamp.com/webactions#Tantek

    Tantek Çelik wow, how many years between feature request and implementation? Must be a record!

  3. I’m having trouble figuring out whether my complete inability to understand why RDF is useful is caused by my own stupidity, or if my brain has a built-in nonsenseguard which blocks out unproductive, overcomplicated technology

  4. Time for Barnaby vs. Brighton: Crêpe Quest, round two. Round one ended badly and will probably be the subject of some dreadful comedy sketch in the future. This time: more data points, more leads to follow up.

    Brighton: IT’S ON.