1. Good pre-travel baking: Granola with @brennannovak of @rvkgranola, and Germknödel second attempt — first try wasn’t much good, this time they worked perfectly, expanding to twice their original size! First time I’ve managed to make a boiled dumpling with a bready texture.

  2. A far greater culinary challenge awaits, though: what to do with a jar of the far less tasty by-product of : “Chocolatey oil with bits of burnt batter and granola floating in it”.

    (yes I tried deep-frying . It’s part of my job as Granola Science Strategist at @rvkgranola)

  3. Doing some highly scientific experiments:

    four spoons are laid out, each with a different proportion of granola to skyr.

    Initial observations: for one mouthful, skyr:granola ratios by weight varying between 6:1 and 6:7 have little noticeable effect on taste or feel of granola in your mouth, time taken to eat or number of annoying little granola-particles stuck in your teeth. At the lowest granola proportion the granola taste and smell was noticeably lessened.

    More to follow.