1. Today’s late-October tomato harvest, straight from the garden, no greenhouses involved. If it keeps getting colder, these will probably be some of the last.

  2. Dramatic happenings at the mill last night! A huge dead tree fell over the bridge, causing a minor earthquake. Nobody hurt apart from a fence (which fortunately doesn’t even belong to us)

  3. ✅ got up early
    ✅ prepared for camping, musicing and dancing
    ✅ watered plants
    ✅ fed pigs
    ✅ ate breakfast
    ✅ proofread potential Nature article, including the example phrase “the supernatural soup manifested itself in a bowl”
    ✅ rolled tyres around
    ✅ showed mill-mate how to operate the pump
    ✅ organised more food

    can we pleeeasse go to klangrauschtreffen now

  4. Today a lorryload of cob and sand turned up outside the mill:

    After some sieving, this will become the inner surface of our walls, form mortar to hold brickwork together, and improve soil quality in the garden.

  5. PIGS!



    unfollow/unfriend me now, the next two weeks are just going to be cute pig photos

    And a mouse which tried to move into this soon-to-be-filled-with-tree hole:

  6. A morning of post-travel sleep left me with enough energy to help secure the last of the twelve fruit trees at the mill, and make little name signs for all the varieties.

    Thanks to the new door and my dehumidifier, the workshop is finally down to 54% air humidity, suitable for instrument building. We also had many good discussions with some lovely visitors about them potentially moving here, and the future of the project. Tomorrow some pigs will arrive to help us plough the garden, and while I was away a pair of barn owls moved into one of the dead poplar trunks by the gate. Generally everything’s looking up…