1. Packing in preparation for moving next week. Any aliens watching would be forgiven for assuming I’m a monk following some cable-worshipping religion.

  2. xkcd.com/1412 TMNT Wikipedia song fits Finnish runo-song metre perfectly, could be sung to any runo-song tune. Vice versa also applies, runo-song epics could be sung to the TMNT theme tune

  3. tradition.is was thoroughly enjoyable and filled with excellent music+dancing — met new friends, learned new tunes+dances+singing styles and generally had a good time. Longer blog post upcoming, for now here’s my post-festival :

    Not all necessarily related to the festival, but learned about in the duration. Amusingly, last.fm/music/BLM has a big photo of the BLM which performed at tradition.is, but is about someone completely different!

  4. The Finnish Karelian coat of arms looks like an Adventure Time character:

    The Russian one is a fire-breathing bear with knuckledusters (pawdusters? clawdusters?), which might also make a good Adventure Time character:

  5. Aaron Parecki: @barnabywalters now this I would like to see!! I was thinking about building a soundcloud-like player as well actually. Even found some libraries to do the mp3 -> png waveform thumbnail generation! #music

    @aaronpk oooh really? Which libraries? I looked a while ago and couldn’t find any, though it looks like it can be done with the new Web Audio APIs…