1. I get a little annoyed at every now and again (grr package management) but then I come across things like nested tuple unpacking which are just so lovely they make up for it:

    for i, (key, value) in enumerate(list_of_tuples):
        print i, key, value
  2. Aaron Parecki: A demonstration of Original Post Discovery http://indiewebcamp.com/original-post-discovery #indieweb http://aaronparecki.com/files/original-post-discovery.mp4

    Aaron Parecki I just got original post discovery working too — and with any luck this post will successfully POSSE the reply to twitter (something I’ve been faking so far).

  3. Aral Balkan: @aaronpk Both. I believe part of the problem is that the rel link didn’t work for Twitter (t.co?) when I tried it first (seems to be now).

    Aral Balkan sounds like your old links from when twitter’s t.co broke everything (now fixed) were cached the first time you tried — I think Aaron Parecki is adding “last fetched” indicator to make such bugs easier to detect and get round. Also your email address has relme, so you should be able to log in using Persona — yay multiple providers.