1. Time for Barnaby vs. Brighton: Crêpe Quest, round two. Round one ended badly and will probably be the subject of some dreadful comedy sketch in the future. This time: more data points, more leads to follow up.

    Brighton: IT’S ON.

  2. Jovian Salak: @BarnabyWalters I'd watch out, you and your articles on school receptions! http://t.co/nTR8ROBlBj

    Jovian Salak good god that is hideous. Why do people think this kind of censorship is effective, acceptable or in any way rational? That head appears to be abusing his power and certainly deserves the scrutiny his students put him under.

  3. dConstruct was rather an emotional rollercoaster this year. Outstanding talks by all the speakers.

    I used to believe that conferences weren’t really about the speakers, but more the networking. That changed today, and with this knowledge I plan to change how I consume future dConstructs and other conferences of a similar ilk (are there any?).

    I need to spend the breaks between talks reflecting on the subject matter instead of randomly mingling with people. Whether it’d be more effective to do so alone or with others who wish to take a similar approach (anyone?) is down to experimentation.