1. Branch: @BarnabyWalters @chrismessina Hi Barnaby. FYI we'll never send tweets/DMs without your telling us to.

    branch that’s great to hear, but it’s not my primary concern and not the reason I don’t want to use branch. My concern is that I don’t really want to be hosting my thoughts and/or identity in a place I don’t control.

    Most of the time I would post the content here and duplicate it on the 3rd party site, linking back. In this specific case, being asked to log in with twitter purely for the privilege of asking to be part of a conversation was off-putting enough for me not to bother.

  2. Chris Messina™: @BarnabyWalters via ping back! Ha! I appreciate your dedication to #IndieWeb blogging! :)

    Chris Messina tbh I prefer to have actual discussions with people over IRC or hangout or other such medium, and use my website as a destination for solidified results of those discussions, and a broadcast medium to include others too. So I'd love to hear your comments on stuff I’ve said, perhaps in on freenode? :)

  3. Chris Messina™: @BarnabyWalters Unable to find the controller for path "/login". Maybe you forgot to add the matching route in your routing configuration?

    Chris Messina yeah, it does that the first time — as there’s no benefit to anyone apart from the site owner logging in yet, I haven’t fixed it. People keep thinking they can comment if they sign in, I’m not sure whether to allow it or reinforce that people shouldn't (I don't want to host other people's thoughts any more than I want to host my own thoughts elsewhere!). Comments accepted via Pingback :)

  4. Chris Messina™: Pondering @jennydeluxe's query "Are We Suffering From Mobile App Burnout?” on @branch. What's your take? http://t.co/5IHHJjOI

    .@chrismessina briefly: I agree that, whilst I have a fair number of apps installed, very few of them get regular use. Interestingly IME there is little/no correlation between cost of app and frequency of use (my most expensive apps are music creation ones which get used rarely compared to, e.g. tweetbot, mail or safari).

    I also like some of @scottjenson’s thinking around JIT interactions. Certainly that approach has applications outside the .

    This evening’s hacking is based around parsing and importing my diagnostic data — should be interesting to see if I can find any behavioural patterns.

    (btw, I refuse to sign in to branch with twitter so they can send a tweet for me so you can let me write on your branch. Just… no :)